On-Demand Webinar: Precise Thermal Measurement and Control for Temperature-Critical Applications & Sample Data

Temperature-critical industrial manufacturing processes require precision thermal measurement and control to regulate the flow of electricity from the grid to a heater. These electric-heat processes typically rely on the integration and sophistication of optical pyrometers as well as silicon-controlled rectifiers (SCRs). The overall process uniformity, product quality, and throughput are dependent upon the measurement accuracy, repeatability, and reliability of these two components.

Today's non-contact optical pyrometers and SCR power controllers meet the challenges of industrial manufacturing with a variety of advanced features and functions that support accurate measurement and control, regardless of process conditions. It's critical that you understand how these technologies fit into your process.

This presentation, primarily intended for process engineers, will review the functions and complexities of the thermal control loop.

What you'll learn:

  • The primary parts of a typical temperature control loop and the importance of the measurement and control components in thermal processing
  • How and why pyrometers provide extremely accurate readings that ensure precision temperature regulation
  • Specification features to consider in SCR power controllers, such as power efficiency, accuracy, reliability, I/O compatibility, connectivity, ease of integration, and overall intuitive system use
  • How to accurately and reliably measure and control temperature in your process

Mark Ritzheimer, Thermal Instrumentation Manager
Dirk Fuhlbohm, Precision Power Products Group

See for yourself the difference precise measurement and control can make