Advanced Energy

Control the Temperature, the Power — and Your Costs

Advanced Energy® thermal processing solutions stand up to the harsh, demanding conditions of industrial manufacturing with extraordinary accuracy, stability and efficiency. Our non-contact temperature pyrometers and digital SCR power controllers deliver the precision industrial temperature measurement and control you need to:

  • Improve product quality, yield, and throughput
  • Achieve the highest level of process repeatability
  • Reduce energy costs

Accuracy in industrial applications starts with the power control solution you specifiy

Process uniformity, product quality and throughput in temperature-critical applications are dependent on high measurement accuracy, repeatability, and reliability. Our measurement pyrometer solutions combine these key attributes with deep applications expertise in SCR power controllers. The result is an array of solutions designed to match your requirements. Our growing suite of thermal measurement products includes:

  • Thyro-S® – Connection-ready thyristor switch with secure operational behavior and load monitoring
  • Thyro-A® -- Plug-and-play digital thyristor controller with full-wave cycle principle (TAKT), phase-control principle (VAR), and Quick-Takt-Mode (QTM, for 1-phase devices) operating modes
  • Thyro-AX® -- Supports voltages from 24 to 600 V and offers a unique product scope from 16 to 1500 A; available as single-, dual-, and three-phase units
  • Thyro-PX® – Adds new functionality to the precise, reliable performance of the Thyro-Family

Precision temperature regulation that can substantially reduce operating costs and increase process control

Advanced Energy’s Thyro-Family allows you to integrate automated, digital control of power, current, or voltage, plus communications critical to improving accuracy and repeatability, in manufacturing process requiring exacting control.

By enabling the highest consistency, reliability, and performance precision in temperature-critical environments, we help you:

  • Improve product quality, yield, and throughput
  • Achieve the highest level of process repeatability
  • Reduce energy costs

Solutions for Industrial Thermal Processing

Industrial thermal processes present unique requirements, but every application demands exacting control, reliability, and consistency. Advanced Energy’s solutions provide accuracy and performance that ensure high product quality and reproducibility.In applications ranging from semiconductor to thin film or solar PV, Advanced Energy’s proprietary technologies deliver:

  • Proven pyrometer temperature measurement precision and repeatability
  • An industry-leading, proprietary calibration methodology
  • Extreme accuracy even for moving or inaccessible work pieces, or when direct physical contact would damage the work product

We Power Innovation

Advanced Energy has devoted more than three decades to perfecting power. Our precision power and control technologies, along with our application know-how, inspire close partnerships and perpetual innovation. With the expertise and technology of UltraVolt and HiTek Power, Advanced Energy delivers premier high voltage power performance critical to industrial thermal processing.

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