The Advantages of High Voltage Standard-Product Power
On-Demand Webinar

In fast time-to-market situations, specifying, funding, and managing a custom high-voltage power supply is often not an option. Standard-product high-voltage power supplies offer a solution that enables you to meet tough timelines and challenging specifications for size, voltage, current, and power, as well as key features and performance requirements.

This engineer-to-engineer webinar presentation covers the fundamentals of high-voltage power and discusses how you can specify up-front designs with standard-product high-voltage power supplies to enable fast delivery of standard and derivative products, allowing you to meet early testing and production demands. .

What you'll learn:

  • Important standard-product high voltage power supply advantages
  • Key specifications that impact available standard-product solutions
  • How to select a device and ways to improve its performance for proof-of-concept testing and potentially the production product
  • Ways to identify a standard-product derivative that is closest to your needs

Presenter: James Morrison, Advisor to Advanced Energy High Voltage Marketing

See for yourself the difference Advanced Energy high voltage can make.