Advanced Energy is excited to be exhibiting at Heat Treat 2017, showcasing our technologies for thermal processing. Our thermal products offer precise thermal profiles and advanced process control for increased productivity, yield, and throughput across multiple industries.

Products featured at the booth:  

ONYX-MC-&-Onyx-S.jpg Optical pyrometers The Onyx non-contact optical pyrometer series meets the most demanding accuracy and repeatability requirements over a broad temperature range. The versatile series is ideally suited for a wide variety of industrial materials, such as steel, non-ferrous metals, graphites, silicon carbon (SiC), carbon fiber and ceramics during critical thermal processing.
Thyro-PX.jpg SCR Power Controllers Thyro-Family SCR power controllers regulate temperature with exacting precision, controlling the flow of electricity from the grid to a heater. This product family's precision and reliability is proven for any industrial manufacturing process requiring exacting material melting, heating, drying, or forming.

Join Advanced Energy’s, Mark Ritzheimer, for an educational presentation on non-contact optical pyrometry

How Non-Contact Optical Pyrometry Improves Temperature-Measurement
Accuracy, Repeatability, and Reliability

Solutions Center Presentation Booth #1631
Thursday, October 26th at 2:30 P.M. Add to Calendar

Key themes include:

  • Design principles behind the most sophisticated non-contact optical pyrometers
  • How to take high-quality measurements
  • Which factors are most important in specifying pyrometers for the best performance

If you are not attending Heat Treat 2017 and wish to connect with a sales engineer Contact Us.